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Institutional Funding

Onyx Support offers non-DSA support to all schools, colleges and education institutions if an individual is not eligible for DSA funding. Many HEIs have found it difficult to accommodate the support roles needed for lower band support following the request from the Department for Education (DfE) that all HE institutions should ensure delivery of these types of support.


When considering Onyx Support as a provider for lower band support at your organisation, you can be assured that we will beat the cost of any other support provider to ensure that your annual spending is reduced in this area. We are able to take on a variety of small or complex cases when providing support. Lower band (1 and 2) support workers, provided by Onyx Support, go through a complex interview process to ensure they are not only qualified for the role but that they are able to adjust in the ever-changing field of health and social care. We also ensure that the support workers are able to demonstrate their outstanding skills, such as optimism and empathy, to support students. Following referrals of students, Onyx Support create an in-depth support package tailored to the needs of the individual and their associated institution.


Why should we choose Onyx Support?

  • Savings on annual spending as we beat the price of other providers

  • Experienced and skilled support staff

  • Bank staff to cover absences/sickness

  • Annual visits to reassess and recap current support.

For more information or to discuss having all, or elements, of your lower band support roles provided by Onyx Support, please email or call 01604 713103.

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